Anglais : Culture and Practice of Entrepreneurship in English-Speaking Countries

Crédit : 4 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais
Niveau : B2-Avancé ou Indépendant

Volume horaire

  • CM : 36 h

  • Speak with ease in front of a group of peers
  • Learn how to do a business pitch in English
  • Speak for five minutes without notes in front of a peer
  • Learn how to write a good business plan
  • Note taking during oral presentations

This is a general English language class with an overall stress on the theme of entrepreneurship and creative business ideas. THIS COURSE IS ONLY SUITABLE FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY ACQUIRED AN UPPER INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.
The course has two main objectives: 1/ a focus on the productive and creative imput of the students, who will be required to simulate the creation of their own company and come up with a credible business plan 2/ the study of the culture and practice of entrepreneurship especially in English-speaking countries, but also in emerging economies like India and China.

Class activities will involve working on all four language skills, speaking, listening, writing and reading, and will include the following:
  • Individual and group research activities in and outside class :
  • Brainstorming, group discussions, debates and role plays.
  • The study of authentic materials in English—interviews, articles, films, and TV programmes—with accompanying listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises.
  • Remedial work on language difficulties.
  • Self and peer-assessment of class presentations and entrepreneurial ideas.

  • Participation + Class Tests + Presentations + Short written business plan : 50%
  • Examen final : 50%

Upper-intermediate level in English (B2, C1).

A detailed course plan will be distributed during the first class. Relevent documents will be supplied by the lecturer

Enseignant responsable


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