American Political Discourse and Lobbying

Crédit : 2 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais
Niveau : B2-Avancé ou Indépendant

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Interest groups play a pivotal role in the U.S. political system. They serve as a critical link between citizens and the institutions of the state. Many political scientists have argued that in order to understand American institutions, politics, and public policy we need to understand the normative and empirical components of organized interests.

In this seminar we will explore:
  • The role that interest groups play in the U.S. political system
  • Competing theories of group formation and organization
  • The implications of lobbying on American democracy and within the broader context of democratic theory
  • The diversity of interest group strategies and tactics to influence elites and public policy -efforts by organized interests to lobby the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the U.S. political system
  • What effects, if any, organized interests have on the public policy process

The course will also surveys American political discourse over the last 70 years. Based on the political television series on American television, the course will help develop students’ political vocabulary and phrasing in English. Topics include the relationship between religion and politics, rights, federalism, national identity, republicanism versus liberalism, the relationship of subordinated groups to mainstream political discourse, and the role of ideas in politics. We will analyze the simultaneous radicalism and weakness of American liberalism, how the revolutionary ideas of freedom and equality run up against persistent patterns of inequality.

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Berry, Jeffrey M., & Clyde Wilcox. 2009. The Interest Group Society, 5th Edition. New York: Pearson-Longman.

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