Geopolitics of Energy Markets

Crédit : 2 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais

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  • CM : 18 h

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After an introductory course on the global energy and environment stakes, the course will mainly focus on the main geopolitical challenges in the oil and gas sectors, addressing the role of the main actors, the impact of the unconventional resources on the traditional hydrocarbons producers (In relation to the oil and gas revenues and their redistribution) and the economic and financial stakes for the oil and gas consuming countries. This course will also address the energy challenges from a regional perspective. The European energy policy, with a focus on security of supply from an internal and external perspective, will be analyzed as well as the Middle Eastern and North African energy challenges.

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

Planning course :
  • Introduction by Jean-Marie Chevalier, Professor Paris Dauphine University – former Director of the CGEMP. Senior Associates at IHS, member of the Cercles des Economistes
  • Geopolitics of oil: main oil suppliers, the role of OPEC, the oil rent and its distribution, the economic challenges of oil producing countries (Resource curse)
  • Geopolitics of natural gas: main gas suppliers, the LNG market, the shale gas revolution and its impact on the USA, emergence of new actors on the world gas markets (East Africa, East Mediterranean countries, Australia, etc.)
  • Unconventional resources: impact on traditional oil and gas exporters, perspectives of development of unconventional resources in the world (Europe, China, Australia etc.), how traditional producers adapt to the emergence of new hydrocarbon resources worldwide ?
  • Regional Focus: The European energy challenges.The European energy policy and the legislative framework (Internal energy market, sustainability, security of supply). Focus on the internal and external dimensions of security of supply (EU-Russia relations, developments of new corridors etc.)
  • Regional Focus: The Middle East and North African energy challenges. Economic and energy challenges: rising internal consumption, the issue of energy subsidies etc. Focus on the cases of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria etc. Regional and European energy stakes of new Eastern Mediterranean gas resources

Mode de contrôle des connaissances

The assessment will be based on a two-hour exam at the end of the seminar, with two questions. Documentation is authorized.

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Enseignant responsable


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