Energy Policies

Crédit : 2 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais

Volume horaire

  • CM : 18 h

Compétences à acquérir

  • Understand basic economic concepts that underlie energy production and end use
  • Understand how energy markets and prices are affected
  • Explain concepts fundamental to the economics of natural energy resources
  • Be able to apply this knowledge to the analysis ofspecific energy industries and policy questions

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

The course focuses on energy economics and policies in the world. It provides students with an overview of the fundamental economic concepts and theories related to energy. More precisely, this course examines the economics of markets for various energy sources, and their interactions with each other and with the rest of the economy. It will cover a variety of theoretical and empirical topics from a policy point of view related to energy demand, supply, costs, prices, consequences of energy activities. It intends to provide students with the necessary skills to understand and analyze energy policies from different perspectives, ranging from users and energy firms to policy-makers.

Mode de contrôle des connaissances

  • Assignment # 1: Oral group presentation for Master 2 students (Not compulsory for exchange students)
Group Project -Oral Presentation : 35%
Students will form groups of 3 21 to 5 3 (Depending on the number of students) and make a class presentation in English based on their analysis. Each group will study and present the energy profile of a specific country (Or a key region) with a specific focus (A specific energy economics concept). Subjects need to be approved by the instructor. The list of topic will be given the 1rst class

  • Assignment #2 : Final individual paper (It will be the only assignment for exchange students)
Report : 55%
This individual e report will be an analysis of a country’s energy policy. It will be handed out at the end of the semester. It must be must a 15-20 page typed document and must be done individually. The weight off the assignment will beis 5560% of the final grade for M2 students to underline its importance. The choice of the country and the concept will be discussed with the instructor. An outline will be due maximum at the end of the seminar.

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