Investissement immobilier et allocation d’actifs

Crédit : 1 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais

Volume horaire

  • CM : 9 h

Everyone agrees on the fact that real estate has become financialised. But what does it mean exactly? The objective of the course is to answer this question by developing some real estate general culture, presenting the different financial methods and trying to position real estate compared to other finance assets.

Planning course :
  • Real estate markets
- Real estate markets
- Office
- Logistical warehouse
- Activity units
- Commercials
- Residential real estate
  • Financialised real estate actors
- Real estate developers
- Real estate investment quoted companies SIIC
- Real estate collective investment organisms OPCI
- Information producers
- Derivatives
  • Real estate and institutional investors : case studies

Examen oral.

Enseignant responsable


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