Contemporary Readings in Development Economics

Crédit : 4 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais

Volume horaire

  • CM : 27 h

Work in this seminar is aimed to provide students with key skills in terms of research paper writing, while at the same time build their knowledge of the most important issues in contemporary development economics. The seminar is divided in 9 three hours sessions. During the first session, after a brief presentation of the various themes that will be treated during the seminar, the remaining time will be devoted to an explanation of what is expected from researchers when they write a paper and present their work: how to conduct empirical research in economics - how to write a paper - how to structure a presentation using powerpoint or an equivalent software. Other sessions will be devoted to the critical assessment of articles recently published in top journals.

Each paper will be presented by one student and another one will have to discuss the presentation and the paper itself.
The seminar is entirely in english.

Planning course :
  • Session 1 - Introduction
  • Session 2 - Origins of development
Andersen, T.B., Jensen, P.S. and Skovsgaard, C.V. (2016) The heavy plow and the agricultural revolution in Medieval Europe, JDE, vol.118, pp.133-149, January
Olsson and Paik (2016) Long-run cultural divergence - Evidence from the Neolithic Revolution, JDE, vol.122, pp.197-213
  • Session 3 - Geography and institutions
Acemoglu D., Johnson S., and Robinson J. (2002), Reversal of Fortune: Geography and Institutions in the Making of the Modern World Income. Distribution The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 117 (4): 1231-1294.
Engerman and Sokoloff (2002) Factor endowments, inequality, and paths of development among New World economies NBER w9259.
  • Session 4: Colonization and its impact
Huillery E. (2006) Colonisation and Development in the Former French West Africa : The Long Term Impact of the Colonial Public Policy.
Cogneau D., S. Mesplé-Somps and G. Spielvogel, 2015. "Development at the Border: Policies and National Integration in Côte d'Ivoire and its Neighbors". World Bank Economic Review 29(1): 41-71.
  • Session 5 - Families in LDCs
Lambert and Rossi (2016) Sons as widowhood insurance - evidence from Senegal, JDE.
Majlesi, K. (2016) Labor market opportunities and women’s decision making power within households, JDE, vol.119, pp.34-47, March.
Oliveira (2016) The value of children - Inter-generational support, fertility, and human capital, JDE, vol.120, pp.1-16, May.
Rosenzweig (1988) Risk, Implicit Contracts and the Family in Rural Areas of Low-Income Countries, EJ.
  • Session 6 - Poverty, inequality and development
Higgins and Lustig (2016) Can a poverty-reducing and progressive tax and transfer system hurt the poor, JDE, vol.122, pp.63-75, September.
Milanovic and Lakner (2013) Global Income Distribution - From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to the Great Recession, WB WPS6719.
  • Session 7 - Nutrition
Robert Fogel, 1994. Economic Growth, Population Theory, and Physiology: The Bearing of Long-Term Processes on the Making of Economic. Policy, American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 84(3), pages 369-95, June.
Behrman & Rosenzweig (2004) Returns to birth weight, RE&S.
Black, Devereux, Salvanes (2007) From the Cradle to the Labor Market - The Effect of Birth Weight on Adult Outcomes, QJE, vol 122,n°1, pp.409-439.
  • Session 8 - Health
Case, Fertig and Paxson (2005), The lasting impact of childhood health and circumstances, Journal of Health Economics.
Bleakley (2010) Malaria Eradication in the Americas A Retrospective Analysis of Childhood Exposure, American Economic Journal - Applied Economics.
  • Session 9 - Migration
Cattaneo and Peri (2016) The migration response to increasing temperature, JDE.
Docquier, Lodigiani, Rapoport and Schiff (2016) Emigration and democracy, JDE, vol.120, pp.209-223, May.
Mercier (2016) The return of the prodigy son - Do return migrants make better leaders, JDE, vol.122, pp.76-91, September.

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