Fusions et acquisitions

Crédit : 4 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais

Volume horaire

  • CM : 18 h

Planning course :
  • Session 1 - The varieties of transactions, legal and financial, acquisition of asset-of shares, consolidation, merger by incorporation of new company, transfers of assets and partial reverse take over Mergers and acquisitions and value creation: analysis and results of studies on the subject, how far does one value creation? Corporate strategy and M&A targeting:
    - What is the client’s M&A strategy ?
    - How does each specific target enhance our client’s strategic objectives ?
    - What does our client need from a potential partner ?
    - What does the target need from our client ?
    - Where are the synergies ?
    - What are the risks ?
  • Session 2 - Timing of a transaction (Approach, negotiation, letter of intent, due diligence, contract, liabilities) - Bilateral negotiation, open auction : description and advantages / disadvantages
    - Takeovers (Frindly, hostile) and market transaction
    - Payment in cash, all stock transactions
    - Threshold, squeeze out, defenses
    - Stock market regulations, mechanisms, conditions for success
  • Session 3
    - The role of banks in M & A
    - The actors in France, organization and competitive position
    - How to get a mandate, role and duties
    - Committees in mergers and acquisitions
    - Compliance (KYC, Chinese wall, etc.)

  • Etude de cas
  • Examen final

M1 finance, économétrie, mathématiques, grandes écoles de commerce ou d’ingénieur.

M1 et cours en finance de marché.

  • Michel Fleuriet, Investment Banking Explained, McGraw-Hill, 2008, Chap. 14, 15, 16.
  • McKinsey (Copeland, Koller, Murrin) Measuring and managing the value of companies, Wile.
  • The cases and other recommended readings will be posted on the course site. Materials should be read prior to the class in which they are listed.

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