Introduction to private law

Crédit : 2 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais

Volume horaire

  • Volume horaire global (hors stage) : 18 h

Learning Outcomes:
On completion of this module, students will be able to:
1. understand and identify the concepts of French and English Private Law
2. have tools to analyse the private law legal framework

Course Objectives
This course aims to present the main themes of French and English private law and the method
of legal reasoning. It compares the basic notions of French and English law to give tools to
students to understand and analyse the legal framework they live in. A legal perspective on
several aspects of daily life is given in order to raise legal awareness.

Law, rights and Legal systems
Natural and legal persons
Property rights, goods and non-property rights
Obligations and branches of private law
Civil trial in France and England and Wales
Criminal trial in France and England and Wales

50% Research work given and participation in class (active class participation, preparation and
readings, exercises)
50% End of term MCQ assessment

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