Introduction to public law

Crédit : 2 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais

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On completion of this module, students will be able to: (i) understand the major concepts of English, French and US public law (ii) understand the meaning of “the rule of law” (iii) understand the nature of the constitutions studied (iv) understand citizens’ civil liberties and human rights and (v) understand the way in which administrative acts and omissions are supervised and controlled.

This course is a historical and comparative introduction to public law, defined as the law of the res publica (the common interests of a people). It quickly traces back the origins of the res publica to Roman law, and goes on to look in outline at the monarchical age in continental Europe and England. Some attention is then paid to the republican age (from the end of XVIII century) looking at the revolutions in the United States and France, and this is followed by a more detailed study of the contemporary period in England, France and the US. The course analyses the major concepts of public law: sovereignty, the state, separation of powers, statute law, the public interest, and administrative justice.

Dissertation juridique (2 sujets au choix)

The text book is the English version of a work first written in French and published by the E´ditions Dalloz in the collection ‘‘Pre´cis Dalloz’’ under the title Introduction au droit public (2006)]

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