Innovation Methods

Crédit : 2 ECTS
Langue du cours : anglais

Volume horaire

  • CM : 9 h

The program is dedicated to innovation management and focuses on the upstream part of the innovation process: the generation of innovative concepts. We will study through which reasoning process and thanks to which organization patterns it is possible to manage ideation stages aligned with the identity and the strategy of the firm. A large part of the program will be organized as an innovation workshop, during which the student will directly experiment and live innovative design processes.

Planning course:
  • How do innovators think?
Fixation effects – Reasoning within a concept space – Exploring the knowledge space – C/K design theory
How to organize innovation: designing a “I” function for a company
  • Innovation workshop (1)
Group work: from a concept chosen as a starting point, exploration and structuration of the K space.
  • Innovation workshop (2)
Group work: creativity stage. Exploration in “C” space and generation of innovative ideas.
  • Innovation workshop (3)
Group work: transforming innovative ideas into projects.
Cross presentation of results between groups.

Report from the innovation workshop : one report per sub-group of students.

  • Agogué, M., Hooge, S. Arnoux, F., Brown, I. (2014), An introduction to Innovative Design – Presses des Mines.
  • Lemasson, P., Weil, B. and Hatchuel, A. (2010), Strategic Management of Innovation and Design, Cambridge University Press.

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