Supply Chain Management

Crédit : 3 ECTS

Volume horaire

  • CM : 21 h

Help participants get the understanding, knowledge and tools to analyze supply chain issues and manage the required changes while integrating the human and technology dimensions of the related changes.

- Class Overview: firm, value chain, logistics, supply chain, supply chain management, virtual organization, strategy, supply chain performance.
- Session 2 - Introduction to purchasing, procurement and supply chain drivers and metrics.
- Session 3 - Procurement and manufacturing, inventory management issues, production system management: MRP and Kanban.
- Session 4 - Designing distribution networks and applications to online sales, network design in the supply chain.
- Session 5 - IT-enabled supply chain management: transport infrastructure, warehousing, ERP, CPFR, RFID and material handling. Session 6 - Global supply chains, relationship development & relationship management and green supply chain.
- Session 7 - Group presentations and conclusion

- Provide participants with key concepts related to Supply Chain Management with focus on critical links between strategy and supply chain, process thinking, information technology and focus on the customer.

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